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Industrial Maintenance Consulting - We Deliver a Strategic Advantage

Statements of Our Philosophy

Maintenance Focus

  · The focus of a maintenance department should be keeping equipment running, not repairing equipment. 

You have to fight the white knight syndrome.   There are too many rewards for the problem fixer and not enough notice given to the problem preventer. 

Cost Benefit

· Moving from reactive maintenance to preventive, predictive, and then to proactive maintenance could be the greatest area of financial improvement that is available to your company or site.

Reducing Work

  · You will never run out of maintenance work – it just becomes more beneficial and more rewarding as you get better at it.


  · The goal of maintenance is that every piece of equipment do what the operator needs it to do when the operator needs it to be done.  

· The goal is never to have technically perfect equipment – it is to have the equipment perform its job reliably at the lowest possible price.


 Maintenance if done right will turn the department from a cost center to a strategic advantage.  

· If a maintenance department started to do everything right today it would take 2 to 5 years before the full benefits were realized.


  · Maintenance departments are like water. Without proper leadership they will sink to their lowest level –i.e. purely reactive.  Even a good maintenance department doing all of the right things will backslide to this position without proper leadership